How to use Post Processing in Unity

Today my goal is to examine post processing in Unity.

What is Post Processing? Post Processing allows me to apply effects and filters to the game, sort of like photoshop. In order to access it for my game, I need to go to Window > Package Manager.

At the top, make sure Unity Registry is selected, and search for Post Processing by Unity, then just select Install down at the bottom!

Now I’m going to make another empty GameObject, name it Post-process Volume, and add that same component to it, making sure that ‘Is Global’ is checked. This will also add a post process volume profile that I’ll need to ensure is linked properly.

Next, I’ll be adding a Post-process Layer to my main camera, and I’ll need to create a new layer named Post Processing as well.

This will finally allow me to fine tune the appearance of my game’s colors and effects, which I’ll be doing next time!



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