Updating my Unity layout to be more productive

Matthew Bartosh
2 min readJul 7, 2022


My goal today is to customize my layout in Unity to be able to see things more efficiently and help workflow.

The default Unity view is not the best possible solution with the projects I’ll be working on, so I’m going to update that.

The default Unity screen.

To start, I’m going to select the Tall preset layout, before showing both the scene and game views, so that I can see what my player camera sees in real time.

Tall preset with both scene and game views.

Next, I’m going to select the … in the project view and change it to one column to save a bit of space.

Finally, I’m going to change the Playmode Tint to tint the entire Unity editor’s color when I’m running a game, allowing me quickly determine if I’m in Run mode (which prevents changes I make from saving).

I’m using a lighter color, because the darker or more dramatic you pick, the harder it is to see the actual UI.

And I’m now ready to begin work on the prototyping for my game, starting with player setup!

When in Run mode.